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A podcast bringing you inside the minds of the industry professionals and showing you the ins and outs of entertainment. Hosted by Kane Silver
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode #90 - Jamie Body "The Business Of Show Business"

    A conversation with Jamie Body. Jamie is a performer and works in entertainment marketing and has recently started a podcast called "The Business Of Show Business". Jamie and I both interviewed eachother as this episode is for both our podcasts. A podcast bringing you inside the minds of the industry professionals ...


  2. Episode #89 - Eddie Morales

    A conversation with professional dancer and choreographer Eddie Morales. Eddie has worked with Justin Timerlake, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Pink and many more. Eddie tells us about his journey as tells us some stories about his journey and has started his own podcast called "Jewels and Reciepts" speaking with other ...


  3. Episode #88 - Marty Kudelka "A Living Legend"

    A conversation with world renowned choreographer Marty Kudelka. Marty has choreographer for the likes of Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, Pink, Mariah Carey and many more. Marty tells us about his journey and tells some great stories. I also get to pick Marty's brain and ask some questions.  A podcast bringing you ...


  4. Episode #87 - CJ Salvador

    A conversation with professional dancer CJ Salvador. CJ is a professional dancer and teacher. CJ tells us about what hes been up to during Covid-19. He tells us how he got into dance and his journey from Chicago to LA. We also talk about how social media can put pressure ...


  5. Episode #86 - Ricky Jinks

    A conversation (instagram live) with dancer and choreographer Ricky Jinks. Ricky tells us about his introduction to dance and abit about his journey. We talk about how he likes to work with dancers and the process of him competing on "The Greatest Dancer". We also answer some questions A podcast bringing ...