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A podcast bringing you inside the minds of the industry professionals and showing you the ins and outs of entertainment. Hosted by Kane Silver
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode #37 Angus from Disneys "Mary Poppins" - Tarik Frimpong

    A conversation with professional dancer and actor Tarik Frimpong. Tarik tells us all about his first ever role in Disneys "Mary Poppins". He tells us how he got the job, what his life was like whilst filming and he tells us how exciting it was walking the red carpet at ...


  2. Episode #36 Professional Dancer - Alexandra Schoendorf

    A conversation with professional dancer Alexandra Schoendorf. Alex tells us about the tour she is currently on in china and we disscus what it was like living in London and what its like living in LA. Alex also tells us about her passion for dogs. A podcast bringing you inside the ...


  3. Episode #35 - "RuPauls Drag Race" Dancer - David Ratcliffe

    A conversation with my "hubby" David Ratcliffe. David is curretnly touring the world dancing with "RuPauls Drag Race". We talk about what its like touring with a drag show, what the artists do with their penis, We talk about Davids dance career and what it was like for him "coming ...


  4. Episode #34 - Lili Hodge & Rithiely Pereira - The Dancers Network UK

    A conversation with The Dancers Network. Lili Hodge and Rithiely Pereira were fed up of not being treated and paid correctly and decided to create a movement called "The Dancers Network". We talk about some of the problems we face as dancers and what we can do to make it ...


  5. Episode #33 Magic Mike Live Las Vegas - Ryan Pires

    A conversation with dancer Ryan Pires. Ryan is Currently in the cast of Magic Mike Live Las Vegas. We discuss what its like being in a male strip show, we talk about how he got into dance and his experiance moving to LA and then to Las Vegas. We also ...