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A podcast bringing you inside the minds of the industry professionals and showing you the ins and outs of entertainment. Hosted by Kane Silver
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode #23 - Its not the chances you take, Its the Choices you make - Simon J Bailey

    A conversation with singer, song writter, dancer and tour manager Simon J Bailey, Simon tells us about his journey from sleeping on a sofa to becoming a dreamboy, dancing for Mariah Carey and singing along side Whitney Houston. We also talk about what it takes to pursue a career in ...


  2. Episode #22 - INSIDE OUT with Kane Silver

    INSIDE OUT - Host Kane Silver talks about current events and answers peoples questions and gives advice to fellow performers. If you have questions or need advice please message The Ins And Outs on any form of social media and Kane will answer them on the podcast. ...


  3. Episode #21 - Just Keep Swimming - Christian Patterson AKA The Disco Kid

    A conversation with award winning welsh actor and director Christian Patterson. We talk about Christians career and some of the ups and downs, has he ever wanted to quit and what keeps him going? He also tells us what it was like booking his first job in the west end! A ...


  4. Episode #20 - Professional dancer and choreographer Josh Wharmby

    A conversation with professional dancer and choreographer Josh Wharmby. We talk about Josh's last four months working as a choreographer on TV show Dance Dance Dance.  We talk about what it was like to work his girlfriend and did they argue? We also discuss teaching techniques and things we like ...


  5. Episode #19 - Dishes to stripping to a UK Tour - Shane Tyler

    A conversation with Shane Tyler. Shane is currently on tour with 'The Dreamboys' and we talk about his journey from washing dishes to becoming a stripper, to joining the dreamboys as a dancer on a UK tour. He also tells us about his childhood and what mischief he got up ...