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A podcast bringing you inside the minds of the industry professionals and showing you the ins and outs of entertainment. Hosted by Kane Silver
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  1. Episode #28 Rambert Ballet School, Cirque De Soleil, Drug Addiction, Ironman - Darren Tait

    A conversation with Dancer, Actor and stuntman Darren Tait. Darren tells us his journey from living in Swindon and working in Iceland to living in Las Vegas as a soloist in Cirque De Soleil. Darren also tells us about his drug addiction and how he has overcome it by starting ...


  2. Episode #27 "INSIDE OUT" with Kane Silver - Feat Kyle Anthony

    INSIDE OUT - We talk about current events and answer questions. A podcast bringing you inside the minds of the industry professionals and showing you the ins and outs of entertainment Hosted by Kane Silver   This episode is sponsered by Not Just Travel Tracey.   INSTAGRAM @theinsandouts_ @mrballchange @kyleanth FACEBOOK@theinsandoutspodcast TWITTER @theinsandouts_ ...


  3. Episode #26 The Next Latino Oprah - Sisco Gomez

    A conversation with Dancer, Choreographer, Creative, Judge, Host and TV personality Sisco Gomez. Sisco tells us how he became the Director of Dance 2XS UK and how its different to his new training programme PSG. We talk about how he was percieved a certain way because of his sexuality. Sisco ...


  4. Episode #25 Director, Choreographer, Dancer, Rapper, Writter - Jeremy Strong

    A Conversation with creative director, choreographer, dancer, rapper and song writter Jeremy Strong. Jeremy is currently on tour with Jason Derulo and tells us what its like working with the super star. He also tells us how the keeps himself inspired and motivated and what he does to re-energise with ...


  5. Episode #24 "Chasing your dream and believing in yourself" Professional Dancer- Anders Deeno

    A conversation with Professional Dancer Anders Deeno. Anders tells us about his journey and some of the struggles and sacrafices it takes to achieve your dream.  He also tells us why his biggest inspiration is himself. Anders is currently on tour with Kylie Minougue and is one of the most ...