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A podcast bringing you inside the minds of the industry professionals and showing you the ins and outs of entertainment. Hosted by Kane Silver
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode #56 What really happened on Big Brother - Lotan Carter

    A conversation with performer, Lotan Carter. Lotan is a trained dancer who featured on the TV show "Pineapple Dance Studios" he then joined "The Dreamboys" and he tells us abit about those experiances. He also tells us what really happened on Celebrity Big Brother and how shit actually went down. A ...


  2. Episode #55 Choreographer - Emer Walsh

    A conversation with teacher, dancer and choregrapher Emer Walsh. Emer tells us about her journey and how she started her career. We also discuss how to get the most of taking class and what it takes to be a great professional dancers. A podcast bringing you inside the minds of the ...


  3. Episode #54 Youtue Star "Oliver Potter" Aka Olivervloggs

    A conversation with youtube star Oliver Potter, Oliver has a very succesful youtube channel where he vloggs his life, events and interviews people. In this podcast we talk about how he got into youtube and how he goes about creating content. I hope you enjoy this episode and go check ...


  4. Episode #53 -Inside Out 5 with Kyle Anthony

    Inside out speaking with my best friend Kyle about current events and whats going on in the world. We give our opinions on lots of different topics and talk about health and also discuss about being in the west end towards to end of the podcast. A podcast bringing you inside ...


  5. Episode #52 - So What Now Artist "Hannah Levitt Collins"

    A conversation with professional dancer, model and actress Hannah Levitt Collins. Hannah tells us about how she became a dancer and how she transitioned into becoming a model. We also discuss how to market yourself on social media, we talk about dance classes and we making it really means and ...